7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes Can Add Up Fast. And, they’ll cost you a lot of hard earned money if you’re not careful.

Imagine your dream bathroom. It’s going to have the most beautiful marble tiles on the walls. And you will have a luxurious, spacious tub to soak in with your bubble bath or bath oil. But then, everything goes wrong. The contractor screws up or doesn’t show up much of the time. Suddenly it’s a chaotic mess with no air conditioning and no working light fixtures or toilets for days. You just want to scream!

This is the scenario for many of the remodeling nightmares plaguing homeowners in Memphis. The following are the top mistakes that every Memphis homeowner should consider before beginning a bathroom remodel project.

Hiring A Contractor Who Is Not Licensed or Accredited

If you are thinking about hiring a contractor, then one of the first things to do is check on their credentials. Most businesses and homeowners do not look into the license and accreditation status of the person they hire to work on their homes, but it matters. Confirm your chosen contractor has licenses in the state you live in and local municipalities. This helps ensure that any renovation or remodeling work they perform is up to code, and that you will not be running risks with safety and security.

Not Hiring An Insured Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

When you are looking for a remodeling contractor, you will also want to know if they are insured. Insurance not only covers the contractor for accidents that might happen during the job, but also gives you coverage if there are issues with your bathroom renovation. That way, you can promptly fix your bathroom and avoid any more problems or inconveniences later on. Don’t assume it’ll go smoothly! There can always be surprises.

Not Checking On the Contractor’s Experience and Previous Work Beforehand

It is also a good idea to check on the work your contractor has done for other clients. It is likely they’re a busy worker, so you can be sure they have worked on many projects and have the experience necessary to handle your project. Ask for references, but go a step beyond and ask to see some of their finished work. Ask for their business address and verify it with the Board of Contractors. Taking a little more time upfront can save you hassles later.

Not Paying Attention To The Quality Of Materials Used

While prices of materials are likely to rise over time, the truth is that good quality materials will last longer.  If you choose materials that are low quality, your renovation could cost you more in the long run. Consider where you’re buying your fixtures too. What you get at a big box store is not the same quality as what you get from a plumbing supply company. Shop around and talk to knowledgeable people before choosing your materials or letting your contractor select them.

Too Much or Too Little Lighting in Your New Bathroom

Your bathroom may sport the most wonderful fixtures, but if they don’t provide enough light, you will never see things clearly. Everything in your bathroom will look different if there is not enough lighting. Insufficient light also makes a bathroom seem smaller.

The same is true when you add too much light. More light can make certain things appear out of place and unbalanced – especially if you have been doing some DIY work on the flooring or adding new cabinets.

Assuming You Have To Accept A Contract That Isn’t Flexible

Just because you have signed a contract with a contractor to do a remodeling job in your bathroom, it does not automatically mean you have to accept everything they propose. For instance, there’s the possibility that you might change your mind about certain fixtures or even the entire concept of your bathroom renovation project. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the contractor and make changes.

Not Having An Open Dialogue With The Contractor

It is also a good idea to maintain an open dialogue with your contractor at all times. It’s important to tell them about the things you want in your bathroom, and express any concerns you might have. In addition, the contractor will only provide an accurate estimate if he understands your needs. Some people are afraid to express their needs or ask questions during a renovation project because they lack the knowledge or don’t want to be perceived as obstructionists.

Letting the Contractor Handle All the Decisions Without Your Input

Even if you have a contractor to do the work, track what they’re doing and ask questions as the renovation or remodel proceeds. You can often catch problems early if you take an active role, rather than standing back and giving the contractors free rein. If you find a problem early or something you’re not satisfied, it’s easier to switch course. It’s harder to undo mistakes after the renovation is completed.

The Bottom Line on Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

The bathroom remodeling process can be overwhelming, from initial planning to the final touches. Relieve stress by avoiding some of these common mistakes that people make when choosing a contractor and supplies.


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